Customer Stories

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Product managers at P97 use Mailosaur to automate their email testing and drive exceptional user engagement.


QAs at AWeber use Mailosaur to programmatically send, retrieve, and check email, without affecting their sending reputation.

November First

After trying out various mail services, November First chose Mailosaur to automate E2E email testing for their software development team.


Using Mailosaur, UpBup tailors communications to each family’s unique structure, ensuring a safer and more convenient childcare experience.


With Mailosaur, Coupa has found their ideal solution to capture and analyze emails automatically, and improving their email security.

Cold Banana

With Mailosaur, Cold Banana automates test flows to reduce manual work and human error.


Sr. Director of Quality Engineering at Malwarebytes, as he shares how Mailosaur's comprehensive features, flexible server options, and API integration became the game-changer for their daily operations.


Learn how this innovative tool streamlined email and SMS testing, enhancing efficiency and customer experience. Dive into the success story that underscores Domino's commitment to excellence in the pizza industry.


Where reliable communication channels are pivotal for account authentication and transaction alerts, driving the imperative need for robust testing solutions.

The Department for Education

They needed an end-to-end solution for testing notifications, specifically requiring a method to test with two-factor authentication (2FA). Previously, the Department for Education had an existing solution, which stored its data in the United States.

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