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Join thousands of QA teams that are creating amazing software with the help of Mailosaur


Automate repetitive tests for a more productive working environment

Test email and SMS in one place

Test your email and SMS notifications for any app, product or website with a single platform that handles all communication testing consistently.

Seamless volume testing

With Mailosaurs unique email server technology, you are able to easily test large data volumes and assess performance in real-world scenarios.

Get precise, detailed results

Run hundreds of different tests and catch issues that may be missed with manual testing with our comprehensive issues reports.

Complete peace of mind

Have total confidence that everything is working as it should, every single time, even after making the smallest of changes.

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Unlimited email addresses

Use any email address you want, with no code required

Use a unique email address for every test, build, team member, environment or any other use case you have. With Mailosaur supporting an unlimited number of email addresses that you can send to from anywhere.

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This is the easiest solution to test your emails and I can show you how it works in 5 minutes.

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How it works

Boost end-to-end test coverage in minutes, by integrating with Mailosaur.

Send an email or SMS message

Trigger a process in your product that sends out email or SMS (e.g. requesting a password reset).

Fetch the email from Mailosaur

Use one of our client libraries to pinpoint and pull the email down into your test code.

Complete the process

Whether it’s checking the content of the message, following a link or using a verification code. Complete the end-to-end process you’re testing.

Why Mailosaur?

Automate with your favourite framework

Write tests with the tools and frameworks you’re already familiar with. With support for all the world’s major testing frameworks, including Cypress, Playwright, Selenium and Robot Framework, and more.

Manage team access centrally, per project

Work in harmony with other teams and departments globally with our centralised system which allows shared access for your entire team on a single account.

Compliant & secure

With comprehensive Information Security and GDPR-compliant controls, we are committed to protecting your data.

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