Create rules to test more than just the happy path

Ensuring that you can handle real-world challenges like email bounces, out-of-office replies, and server errors is a daunting task. Use Mailosaur to create automated rules that simulate every type of scenario.

From email bounces to auto replies, test everything with ease

With Rules, you can simulate email bounces with customizable scenarios. Authentically replicate real user interactions and situations, crucially testing your system's resilience with both hard and soft email bounce scenarios.

Simulate real world scenarios

Sometimes emails just don’t make it through, but testing what happens when an email is rejected is difficult. With Rules, you can create authentic scenarios that mimic the many reasons for bounces, such as full mailboxes, temporary server issues, or invalid email addresses. 

Generate email server responses with ease

Email servers have varying responses, error codes, and behaviors, making testing complex. Build rules to simplify this process by generating different server behaviors, allowing comprehensive testing coverage across a wide range of scenarios.


With this feature, you can simulate a customer's reply whenever an incoming email meets the specified conditions. This capability not only saves time but also enables you to create comprehensive automated tests around customer email interactions.   

Elevate your testing game with Rules

The premier customer communication testing platform

Boost productivity, improve quality, and test real world scenarios all in one place.  

Key features of rules

Simulate realistic scenarios like email bounces, out-of-office replies, and errors

Respond to emails with out-of-office messages just like a real user would

Easily simulate email errors with customizable triggers

Create automated tests around customer emails with auto-responders

Reproduce rejected emails accurately

Customizable triggers based on sender, recipient, or subject line

Specify trigger conditions to activate your rule, such as sender, recipient, or subject line criteria, enabling precise control over rule activation

Ensure your product correctly handles errors when sending to invalid email addresses

Take control of your email testing

Don't leave your email system's reliability to chance. With Rules, you can proactively test and ensure your system is robust enough to handle any scenario the real world throws at it. Rule the inbox with confidence – try our new Rules feature today. 

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