Unlimited recognisable email addresses for your brand

Use your own domain names with Mailosaur to completely customise your email addresses, so that they accurately represent your brand and are unique to you.

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Capture every email your product sends during development and QA

One of the main advantages of having email addresses that use your organization's own domain is that they are easy for your team to remember and use - Mailosaur works with any domain that you own.

An email being routed to various people

Totally unique to you

Having a custom domain allows you to receive emails at any address you like (such as @mycompany.com), not just from Mailosaur’s own domain, so everything remains consistent throughout your product.

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Easily distinguishable

As well as custom domains, you are also able to create unlimited subdomains. Avoid emails getting cluttered together by using a different subdomain for each project or internal environment.

Various email address using a custom, recognisable domain name

Empower teams

With the ability to have separate mailboxes for testing and demonstrating, each team is able to work collaboratively on one platform without all emails being combined and difficult to find.

An email that has been worked on by various teams

Unlimited email addresses

Use any email address you want, with no code required

Use a unique email address for every test, build, team member, environment or any other use case you have. With Mailosaur supporting an unlimited number of email addresses that you can send to from anywhere.

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