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End-to-end email testing for a seamless email experience

Mailosaur is the leading customer communication testing platform, specialising in email and SMS testing for any app, product or campaign.

Ensure that your emails are faultless before they leave the server with Mailosaur!

The Mailosaur Dashboard

Mailosaur's Email Testing API

Prove that signup and customer onboarding works

Ensure users can reset their passwords easily

Know when emails arrive in customer’s inboxes

Be sure that email notifications are sent at the right time, with the right content

Check that your product scales and keeps sending when under load

A message with a verification code, with data being extracted by Mailosaur

Simulate unlimited user interactions

With Mailosaur you get an unlimited number of email addresses to use in your tests, letting you simulate real user communication.

Be confident that your whole product works

Many of the most important journeys in your product require an email. Increase test coverage to know that you’re delivering a quality experience.

Automate email tests with any framework

Extend your QAA coverage no matter if you use Cypress, Playwright, Robot Framework, or anything else.

The logos of various test frameworks

Test anything you send by email

Continuously improve the quality of your product


Find and fix errors, and optimize every email your product sends


Test login, signup, and password reset functionality to be sure that your product is accessible and available at all times.


Ensure that email notifications and reminders arrive accurately in your customers’ inbox, regardless of email client

Broken Links

Catch broken links and continuously improve recurring outbound emails.

Open Tracking

Confirm that open tracking functionality really works on your marketing emails.

Automated Responses

Prove that customers receive the correct automated response when they interact with your support team.

Why businesses choose Mailosaur

Mailosaur is the only all-in-one testing platform you will ever need. Use our API to ensure your product is absolutely seamless for your customers. Our software supports vital tests to help QAs, marketers, engineers and product managers meet individual goals and objectives, as a team.


Our products

Everything you need to test customer communication

Email Testing

Create end-to-end tests that rely on email. Test account verification emails, password resets, email tracking, and more

Email Previews

Instantly see how your email will look to any recipient, no matter what email client they use, so there are no nasty surprises.

SMS Testing

Build text messages that work. Create end-to-end tests that cover identity verification, alerting, promotional messages and more

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