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Create and test error-free emails, build automated tests, validate email content, and preview emails in real-world clients.

What are you trying to test?
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Protect your brand reputation

Avoid embarrassment with the most common email problems

Broken content/appearance

Have you encountered issues such as broken links, missing images or errors within your email content being sent out to your audience?


Are you wasting time manually testing your emails, which can be inefficient and prone to human error? Slowing down email deployment and hindering productivity.

Emails not arriving

Are you uncertain about whether your emails will be delivered to the intended recipients, as you don’t have a reliable way to test and verify email deliverability?

Fix it before you send

Broken links

With automatic link extraction, you can quickly ensure that every link in an email points to the right place, is functional and error-free.


Check that every personalisation, from your customer’s name to unique offer codes, is accurate every time. Prevent confusion and maintain trust.

Missing images

Test that every image you send is shown flawlessly, so you can showcase what you have 
to offer without leaving customers in the dark.


Thoroughly check emails are free from issues that might trigger spam filters. Increase the chance of reaching your customer’s inbox.

Designs and formatting

Ensure content is well-formatted, visually appealing, and looks exactly how you expect in every email client.


Capture an email, click on a link or extract an OTP/code, and use this in automated email testing to validate that end-to-end workflows work every time.

Send with confidence

Begin using Mailosaur for email testing and wave goodbye to the ‘send button’ apprehension forever

Mailosaur was developed by a team that faced the same challenges

Today we help businesses across all industries with their email testing

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Improve quality and increase confidence with the number one customer communication testing platform

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Affordable and scalable

Testing Solutions from $9

Offering not just affordability but also remarkable 
scalability to meet your evolving testing needs!

Email testing guides and blogs

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Sending test email to Mailosaur

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How to determine email testing requirements

Elevate email deliverability, engagement, and open rates. Uncover essential testing needs with this guide for optimal email performance.

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Sending email out from Mailosaur

Simulate test email sending with Mailosaur's feature to trigger functionality in your product. Send test emails via the Dashboard or API, including attachments.

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Common mistakes when testing email

Master the art of functional testing for emails. Learn its importance, what to look for, and uncover the top eight common mistakes in email campaigns. Ensure your messages are error-free and enhance your brand's reputation.

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