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All-in-one testing and demo tool for marketing teams

Join thousands of marketing teams that are creating amazing customer experiences with the help of Mailosaur


Giving you peace of mind that your email and SMS campaigns run seamlessly

Test tracking

Get accurate data from your campaigns and have the reassurance that open tracking functionality really works on your marketing emails.

Preview emails

See what your emails really look like, on everything from Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes on PC, to Apple Mail on iPhone and gmail on Android.

Get peace of mind

Ensure emails and SMS messages are always sent to the right people at the right time and catch broken links and errors before they are sent to customers.

Ensure high-quality content

Test your email design, functionality and personalisation and get peace of mind that everything is delivered to the highest standard.

Mailosaur is extremely reliable and offers ease of implementation. The support is thorough, responsive and very personable.


Unlimited email addresses

Use any email address you want, with no code required

Use a unique email address for every test, build, team member, environment or any other use case you have. With Mailosaur supporting an unlimited number of email addresses that you can send to from anywhere.

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Why Mailosaur?

Test automated responses

Ensuring your customers receive the correct automated email responses is vital to the reputation of your brand. With Mailosaur, you are able to prove that customers receive the correct automated response at any time, so customers are always answered.

Get complete visibility of what you are sending

With Mailosaurs preview feature, visualising or presenting campaigns is made simple. Get screenshots of how any email appears to all customers, in any email platform, and even in things like dark mode so your emails arrive just as you intended.

Testing that is bespoke to each campaign or project

We know that not all marketing campaigns are built equal, meaning that a testing framework might work for one, but may not be comprehensive enough for others. With Mailosaur, you can have total confidence that your campaigns will always work as they should.

An email being directed to Outlook, Apple, Android and Gmail

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