Mailosaur Enterprise Security

Centralized security for your organization

Data security & compliance

We know that when it comes to data security, there are no cutting corners. Mailosaur Enterprise Security enables organizations to add enterprise-grade identity and access management.

ISO 27001, GDPR, and PCI DSS

How does it work?

Mailosaur Enterprise Security allows you to connect your Mailosaur account to your identity provider so you have full centralized security control.

Simply log in and connect to your provider, whether that’s Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, OneLogin, Google SAML, PingIdentity, or any SAML or OIDC enabled identity provider.

A user connecting to Mailosaur via an identity provider like Okta

Key Benefits

Enhanced team management

Manage team members quickly and easily. From your dashboard, you can remove members if they leave the company, add users when they join and change permissions with the click of a button.

Increased visibility

Admins are able to track all changes made by users, so you can oversee and gain company-wide insight, while also enabling the detection of suspicious behaviour.

Easy integration

Quickly and easily connect to your external identity provider in minutes, so you can spend less time on tedious tasks and more time on improving and innovating your product.

Office workers having a discussion at someone's computer

Security & Trust

Mailosaur Enterprise Security is a key part of our commitment to security and compliance. For more information on our safeguarding, click below.

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