Peace of mind that you are sending exactly what you mean to, everytime

A message with a verification code, with data being extracted by Mailosaur

Catch broken links before your customers do

Whether it’s a link to a landing page, a password reset, or anything in between, broken links are a headache that can affect not only your customer interactions, but also your brand reputation.

An email, with code editor beneath. One link is ok, another has an error.

Check your journey is seamless

While your initial link might work perfectly, it is hard to know if the entire customer journey works from start to finish. Mailosaur enables end-to-end testing that gives full transparency into what your users will experience.

Messages in an email client and phone, with running tests

Ensure tracking is working

Check that your tracking parameters are being carried throughout the whole customer journey so you have a complete understanding of how well your campaign is doing and can optimise effectively.

An email integrating with other systems. One has an error.

Test verification codes

Verification codes are a vital part of ensuring the safety and security of your customers. Ensure they work as planned every single time, giving you complete trust in your automations.

A vertification code extracted from an SMS message on a phone