Simply capture & test email

Mailosaur is for QA & Development Teams and anyone else who builds, tests or presents products.

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End-to-end testing with your own Virtual SMTP Servers

Use any email address you think of

Each SMTP server comes with its own email address pattern, giving you an unlimited number of real email addresses, allowing you to use one for every test run, project, team member or idea you have.

Prevent internal environments sending externally

When you configure your product, website or app to send email to Mailosaur you can be confident that you’ll never email a real customer by mistake.

Automate end-to-end testing

Works with any language or test framework. Automate everything from a password reset to account verification.

const MailosaurClient = require('mailosaur');
const client = new MailosaurClient('YOUR_API_KEY');

(async () => {
  let message = await client.messages.get('SERVER_ID', {
    sentTo: ''

  assert.equal(message.subject, 'Password reset request');

  // Test all the things...

Integrates with everything!

Whether you use Selenium WebDriver directly, wrap it with Nightwatch.js/RobotFramework or just use SoapUI, you can automate email testing with Mailosaur.

Coders on hand

Mailosaur is packed full with friendly coders; if you need help integrating just get in touch.

Inspect what you’re sending

Avoid spam filters

Quickly identify potential issues that would stop your email from getting delivered. Mailosaur shares tips and advice to give you the best chance of an email getting through.

Never send a broken email

Catch broken links, images, and attachments and check your subject line and HTML for errors and potential improvements.