Email testing for developers

Integrate email into your automated tests with mailosaur.

Start testing now   API Summary

Turn email into testable data

Fire an email at Mailosaur and you'll get back a clean JSON structure
that you can use within automated tests.

Auto-click links in emails

Simulate a real user receiving one of your emails by telling Mailosaur
to click on the links within any email.

Take a look at your email

All email you send to Mailosaur is available to view and manage online. Want to check that your emails look just right? Mailosaur is a great addition to your toolset.

Simple pricing, no contracts

$20/month allows up to 1,000 email per day limit.
Don't want limits? Then it's just $40/month.

Simple setup

You're given an SMTP gateway and an unlimited set of test email addresses when you sign up. Making requests to our API is as easy as pie.

We're happy to talk

No matter whether it's a question on how you are integrating with Mailosaur or a chat about your favourite JavaScript library, we are here for you at