Everything you need to test customer communication

Email Testing

Create end-to-end tests that rely on email. Test account verification emails, password resets, email tracking, and more

Email Previews

Instantly see how your email will look to any recipient, no matter what email client they use, so there are no nasty surprises.

SMS Testing

Build text messages that work. Create end-to-end tests that cover identity verification, alerting, promotional messages and more

Build and test products that work!

Whether you're doing some exploratory testing, or plan to create a fully automated end-to-end test suite, Mailosaur will help you raise the quality bar!

Email and SMS testing API

Fetch, reply and forward email and SMS messages using a simple API, with official clients for all major languages and testing frameworks.

Create automated end-to-end tests to cover every aspect of your product or campaign.

A message with a verification code, with data being extracted by Mailosaur

Deliverability and Email Analysis Tools

Maximise the number of emails reaching your customers by letting our email analysis tools do the hard work and highlight any deliverability issues.

Create the perfect email, free of technical issues by using our issues reports.

Email deliverability being analysed

Simulate real customer interactions

Customers can communicate in many ways with your applications including email and SMS. You want to make sure that these interactions keep working.

With Mailosaur you can simulate real-world scenarios, with phone numbers and email addresses that let you perform end-to-end tests of critical workflows.

An email with real user interactions being simulated

Designed for Automation

Automate email & SMS tests with any framework

Automate email and SMS testing with Mailosaur, whether you’re working with Cypress, Selenium, Webdriver.io, Robot Framework or anything else…

Tools for any language

We offer client libraries for everything from Node.js, Java and Python to plugins for frameworks like Cypress.

Here to get you started

We have engineers on hand to help you get your proof of concept up and running in minutes.

Unlimited email addresses

Use any email address you want, with no code required

Use a unique email address for every test, build, team member, environment or any other use case you have. With Mailosaur supporting an unlimited number of email addresses that you can send to from anywhere.

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