Deliver high-quality user experiences, first time

All-in-one testing and demo tool for product management teams.

An email with real user interactions being simulated

Join thousands of product management teams that are creating amazing customer experiences with the help of Mailosaur


Seamlessly collaborate across teams for streamlined testing and visibility

Preview emails

See what your emails really look like, on everything from Microsoft Outlook and IBM Notes on PC, to Apple Mail on iPhone and gmail on Android.

Bring teams together

Work in harmony with other teams and departments globally with Mailosaur’s centralised system which allows shared access for 500+ users on a single account.

Replicate real-users

Simulate the user journey easily and accurately with access to unlimited email addresses and dedicated mobile phone numbers all in one place.

If your team needs to test email, Mailosaur is a worry free, 'one less thing to think about' service.

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Unlimited email addresses

Use any email address you want, with no code required

Use a unique email address for every test, build, team member, environment or any other use case you have. With Mailosaur supporting an unlimited number of email addresses that you can send to from anywhere.

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Why Mailosaur?

Improve quality

Ensure emails and SMS messages are always sent to the right people at the right time, including password resets and account authentication, for a smooth customer journey.

Separate mailboxes, all in one place

Easily organise and track progress of various campaigns with designated email addresses for each, all displayed within your dashboard. With a central platform, it’s never been easier to keep on top of projects.

Present ideas clearly

With Mailosaur, visualising or presenting campaigns is made simple. With your own designated email inbox, it’s easy to demonstrate how any email appears to your customers, without additional clutter or personal emails being shown.

Email deliverability being analysed

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