Ensuring the quality of your content is never compromised

An email that has been worked on by various teams

Reliable email proofing

We know how important it is to ensure your email is absolutely perfect when it reaches your customers.

Unfortunately, issues often only become apparent after they have been sent out - this is where Mailosaur’s message analysing features come in, to ensure peace of mind that your emails are received exactly as you intended.

The Mailosaur Dashboard displaying an email with errors and warnings detected

Email Previews

With Mailosaur, you are able to view how every email will look on every email client. Get complete peace of mind that your content is displayed exactly how you want, every time - even when viewed in dark mode or on other devices.

An email being directed to Outlook, Apple, Android and Gmail

Content Viewer

Build emails and collaborate with your team with a central email viewing platform. Make it easy for teams to inspect content, headers and attachments all in one place (and identify any issues that may appear) for quicker fixes.

The Mailosaur Dashboard

Key benefits

Get actionable insights

Increase deliverability with Mailosaurs expert advice that ensures your emails are never sent to junk or spam folders by testing your deliverability score.

Identify and fix issues quickly

Easily pinpoint any broken images, personalisation, links, poor rendering, etc. to make sure your emails are of the highest quality and all issues are fixed before being sent.

Ensure brand integrity

While everybody understands that mistakes happen, it’s not a great look for broken emails to be sent to customers (or potential customers). Ensure your emails are received exactly the way you intend and never reach the wrong people.

Email deliverability being analysed