Virtual SMTP Servers from Mailosaur

Catch-all emails 

Capture every email your product sends during development and QA

Avoid sending emails to real customers

Mailosaur’s dummy SMTP servers capture every email you send, meaning an email will never be accidentally sent to a real customer by mistake.

Use with any email system

No matter what product or service you use to send email, everything can be captured using Mailosaur’s catch-all email servers.

Separate inboxes for each environment

Create individual inboxes to easily distinguish between different environments or projects, without all your test emails being cluttered together.

An email being routed to various people

Learn more about testing via SMTP

How To Test Using Mailosaur’s SMTP Server

Copy & paste your SMTP credentials

Find these in the Server settings screen, and paste them into your product's settings

Send your first email

Any email you send via SMTP will be captured by Mailosaur, regardless of email addresses used

Now you can start testing

Watch as your emails instantly appear within your Mailosaur account

SMTP credentials from the Mailosaur Dashboard

Here are some other benefits

Improve the quality of your emails

Accessible emails, no matter where you are

Securely access any email from the Mailosaur Dashboard, to preview how it looks on any device and analyse your content for errors or issues.

Can be used with any language or testing framework

Mailosaur integrates with the tools developers and QA teams know and love, so you can create seamless test coverage for emails.

Spend less time on testing infrastructure

Use the world's most powerful suite of email testing tools and focus on maintaining and improving your product while we handle the day-to-day.

Two emails, one successful, the other failing

Unable to change your SMTP settings?

Unlimited email addresses

With Mailosaur, you can test easily just by using your unlimited number of unique email addresses for every project, team, developer, test, etc. without the need for SMTP (although it is often easier!).

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