Seamless email and SMS interactions, every time

An email with real user interactions being simulated

Simulate customer replies

With Mailosaur, you can easily replicate a user replying to one of your emails to ensure functionality works exactly as you want it to.

Create great customer experiences by testing exactly what happens if a customer replies to an email or SMS you’ve sent, so every interaction is covered.

A test being run due to an email reply being sent

Start tests by sending an email

Trigger your tests by sending an initial email or SMS message, just like a customer would, and ensure everything works just as you intended.

Get complete peace of mind that the content you are sending out has been thoroughly tested and trialled beforehand and is received perfectly, every time.

Emails beginning a test due to come code being run

Manual forwarding

Easily forward emails onto addresses outside of Mailosaur, for example, to colleagues for further review, or to test email handling functionality within a product.

With Mailosaur, you are also able to set up forwarding rules if you consistently want to forward certain emails to other people or inboxes. Find out more here.

An email routing from Mailosaur to an email client