From Challenge to Solution: OakNorth Transforms Testing with Mailosaur

Where reliable communication channels are pivotal for account authentication and transaction alerts, driving the imperative need for robust testing solutions.

OakNorth is a financial technology company known for its innovative solutions in lending and savings. Email and SMS communications are pivotal for account authentication and transaction alerts, making reliable delivery imperative for OakNorth's app functionality.

Before integrating OakNorth's testing processes with Mailosaur, the company had challenges with testing email and SMS communications effectively within their React Native application development cycle. Testing the secure and prompt delivery of messages, particularly one-time passcode (OTPs) for user authentication, posed a significant challenge.

In addition to their testing needs, OakNorth also wanted to provide members of their team access to an inbox for receiving SMS messages, which they would be able to use for work activities, including using Mailosaur to provide app reviewers at Apple and Google a secure way to log into a real financial account so that they can test that all parts of the app pass the review process.

OakNorth evaluated various services offering email and SMS testing capabilities and found Mailosaur to be the best solution.

Mailosaur's developer-friendly API seamlessly integrated with OakNorth's existing testing frameworks, facilitating efficient automation for our testing processes.

After assessing alternative options, such using the API of an SMS aggregator, OakNorth was drawn to Mailosaur's ease of integration and reliability, making it much quicker to implement and maintain and was therefore the preferred choice for their needs.

This has also expedited app store submissions by ensuring reviewers can access OTPs without issues, helping us maintain a competitive edge

Using Mailosaur, OakNorth has been able to implement testing coverage for both email and SMS, minimizing the risk of bugs and enhancing the stability of OakNorth's app, increasing confidence in every release. Overall, Mailosaur's integration not only improved development efficiency but also elevated customer satisfaction and the reliability of OakNorth's product.

Based on OakNorth's experience,

We highly recommened Mailosaur to any QA and development team seeking to optimize their testing processes for email and SMS functionalities. Mailosaur's user-friendly API seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, delivering reliable automation that accelerates development cycles and enhances product quality.

Luke Elliot, Director of Engineering OakNorth