Coupa increases productivity and improves email security with the help of Mailosaur.

With Mailosaur, Coupa has found their ideal solution to capture and analyze emails automatically, and improving their email security.

Coupa is the cloud-based Business Spend Management (BSM) platform that unifies processes across supply chain, procurement, and finance functions. Coupa empowers organizations around the world to maximize value and operationalize purpose through their business spend.

We spoke to a member of their team to find out more about their experiences with Mailosaur and how we have helped them to improve customer security and increase productivity.

Coupa were facing several challenges before they started with Mailosaur and were looking for a solution to intercept emails so they could capture and analyze all their emails automatically; helping to increase productivity as well as improve their email security.

We were originally using both the office and personal email for running our email automations. This created several issues for us in the management of our outbound emails, mostly significantly it was causing an issue with our email spam score.

After a brief Google search and some research Coupa found what looked like a perfect solution in Mailosaur.

The ease of Mailosaur’s API access really made them stand out from the competition and helped us to accelerate the adoption of the platform across the company. Our team has needed little to no training as Mailosaur is a simple platform to work with, and this has also helped to accelerate the onboarding of new team members with ease.

When looking at some of the additional benefits Mailosaur has brought to the team, Coupa highlights “The ability to configure several servers and the ability to search the given emails is a really appealing feature.”

Coupa have been working with Mailosaur for the last 4 years, and over that time have seen improvements in their deliverability, increased productivity with their email testing automation.

We would definitely recommend Mailosaur to other businesses looking to improve their email automations, mainly for its ease of use, and the speed at which you can adopt the platform into your automations through its API access.