How November First uses Mailosaur for end-to-end automated email testing

After trying out various mail services, November First chose Mailosaur to automate E2E email testing for their software development team.

The challenge

The company’s software development team needed a way to automate their end-to-end email testing and generate, query, and obtain emails by connecting to an API.

After trying out various different mail services, they quickly found that Mailosaur gave the best API endpoints for accessing the emails in-server.

Mailosaur is the solution for any automated QA. It’s a simple and powerful tool that helps mock email responses, with great documentation that makes it easy to start.


With Mailosaur, November First have fully automated their end-to-end email testing.

The team has included email responses in their E2E testing, which means they can now test that all emails generated during onboarding have valid URLs and attributes, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience and increased email deliverability.

Easy to setup, easy to obtain emails.

About November First

November First is an international payment platform that provides advantageous rates across all international payments.

Their users have access to lower exchange rates, lower fees, personalised support, and ERP integrations to help manage their international payments safely and efficiently.