Revolutionizing Quality Assurance: Domino's Pizza's Success Story in Email and SMS Testing

Explore how Domino's Pizza optimized their testing processes by integrating Mailosaur, a game-changing tool that enhanced efficiency in their email and SMS testing.

Domino's Pizza is a globally recognized pizza restaurant chain known for its expertise in pizza delivery and takeout services. The company emphasizes convenience and innovation, allowing customers to easily order their favorite pizzas and a variety of other menu items through online platforms and mobile apps. Domino's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, combined with technology and marketing initiatives, positions them as a leading player in the pizza industry.

Domino's Pizza encountered three notable challenges before integrating Mailosaur into their operational processes. The initial challenge involved finding effective tools to test email with, in order to increase their test coverage and overall testing capabilities as part of their commitment to high quality. In much the same way, the search for suitable tools for SMS testing was a time-intensive endeavor.

Another hurdle involved the manual effort needed to create multiple email accounts, which not only consumed valuable time but also posed challenges to the scalability and streamlining of their testing processes. Mekin Orun, Manager of Software Quality Engineering at Domino's, shared their experiences, expressing a need for improvement, stating:

“We discovered Mailosaur, a tool that seemed promising in addressing our email and SMS testing needs. The primary requirement was the ability to conduct tests on a larger scale, encompassing both email and SMS features.”

Mailosaur stood out among alternatives due to key features such as the capability to separate inboxes for different teams, an SMS integration feature, and APIs for QA automation that aligned seamlessly with Domino's requirements. Mekin emphasized:

“Getting started with Mailosaur proved to be remarkably easy and convenient, paving the way for a seamless transition into a more automated and efficient testing framework.”

Mailosaur played a pivotal role in overcoming Domino's challenges, enabling efficient testing of emails, particularly in customer-based products. The tool ensured that emails were available for an extended period, contributing to a more robust testing environment. The flexibility provided by Mailosaur, especially the ability to have multiple inboxes for different teams, streamlined email traffic and eliminated conflicts arising from using a single inbox for email verifications.

Mekin Orun highlighted:

“Mailosaur facilitated easy email testing, streamlined QA automation through API calls, and provided crucial support for evergreen projects related to email validation. This comprehensive approach allowed us to validate every release with ease.”

In conclusion, Mailosaur proved to be a transformative tool, addressing major points of frustration and providing a seamless, efficient, and automated solution for email and SMS testing.

Domino's Pizza recommends Mailosaur for its positive experiences, measurable improvements, and flexibility.