Discover how Mailosaur revolutionized Malwarebytes' email testing

Providing them with the essential tools to automate and perform high volumes of email testing daily.

Malwarebytes provides industry-leading endpoint protection, privacy, and threat prevention solutions. They have a team of expert threat researchers and protect millions of individuals and thousands of businesses worldwide daily. They operate out of California, with offices in Europe and Asia.

Before Malwarebytes discovered Mailosaur, they were dealing with substantial email testing challenges. Their team had no means to generate test email addresses and needed to view different types of emails. The necessity to test multiple product emails with different email needs for each made their situation even more complex. They found their productivity being slowed down working around the same challenges.

They really needed to find a new solution. This led them to a search for email testing tools and were introduced to Mailosaur through a simple web search.

We spoke to Rohit Sonak Sr. Director, Quality Engineering at Malwarebytes and he said:

“Mailosaur stood out from the crowd because it offered everything we were looking for. We required a solution that could provide multiple servers, allow us to generate test email addresses, and support extensive email testing. Additionally, the ability to automate and perform high volumes of email testing daily was critical to our operations”.

The features and bundle pricing of Mailosaur appealed to Malwarebytes immensely. Its comprehensive email testing capabilities, generous usage limits, flexible server options, and API integration made it the obvious choice above other options they researched. The API integration feature was particularly appealing as it was essential to their operational needs, and the test email limit usage allowed them to conduct thorough testing without constraints.

“Getting started with Mailosaur was extremely easy. The interface was intuitive, easy to learn and navigate, making the transition seamless for our team.”

Mailosaur has been a great fit for testing Malwarebytes product functionality. It is now not just a tool; it is an integral part of their daily operations that boosts their productivity and efficiency. They have reported improved productivity, especially among their engineering teams.

“Using Mailosaur has significantly boosted our confidence in development and testing. We can now test our emails before they go into production in a QA environment, ensuring that our emails are sent out correctly. Mailosaur has become an indispensable tool in our daily operations, used extensively by our Development and QA teams.”

“One of the most positive experiences we've had with Mailosaur was during the launch of a new email template design. With Mailosaur, we were able to quickly check how the new design looked, making the implementation process so simple.”

The ease of the end-to-end experience with Mailosaur, particularly with email testing and viewing how email templates would look in a live environment, certainly impressed the team at Malwarebytes.

“The single biggest reason we would recommend Mailosaur to others, would be for its overall ease of use and comprehensive features. The ability to experience the end-to-end product and see how emails would appear in a live environment makes Mailosaur an invaluable tool for any company facing similar email testing challenges. With Mailosaur, you can improve productivity, streamline your operations, and ensure the successful delivery of your emails.”