AWeber uses Mailosaur to test and send 10,000+ emails per day.

QAs at AWeber use Mailosaur to programmatically send, retrieve, and check email, without affecting their sending reputation.

The challenge

AWeber’s QA team needed to automate email testing and guarantee a top-tier experience for their clients.

As an email marketing platform with high daily activity, they needed a tool that could help:

  • Build out their test framework
  • Continually test the structure and composition of emails
  • Run automated tests for human-to-machine interfaces
  • Access all parts of the SMTP message

If you need a secure tool with a clean API to test emails you send, Mailosaur gives you everything you need for a low monthly price.


Using Mailosaur, AWeber’s QA team were able to get up and running fast, building out a test framework that separates email sending and retrieval for optimal results.

We completely leaned on Mailosaur to handle all email.

We want to ensure that our customers have a fabulous experience when they use AWeber's product. Email composition affects deliverability, and incorrect composition can land customer mail in the spam folder or worse.

About AWeber

AWeber is an email marketing platform that allows 100,000+ small businesses and entrepreneurs to create and send emails people love.

AWeber simplifies email marketing, helping clients automate their emails and campaigns for industry-leading email deliverability.

We have caught bugs in staging that never reached the customer 🎉


Use an email for every test run, project, team member, or idea you have. Our fake SMTP servers have their own email address patterns!


Quickly identify potential issues and increase the chance of an email getting through. Never end up in your customer's spam folder!


Catch broken links, images, and attachments. Check your subject line and HTML for errors and improvements.