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Build quicker than the competition

We understand that your developers’ time is too important to waste. With Mailosaur, build end-to-end tests in minutes not days, and improve quality standards to get your business ahead of the competition.

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Always moving your business forward

Your testing infrastructure should accelerate your business, not slow you down. Empower your team with a solution that solves some of the most complex testing scenarios, rather than maintaining your existing infrastructure.

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Making team collaboration easier

Invite your whole team onto one platform to allow for shared testing and product demonstrations. Develop outbound messaging using a platform built for team collaboration.

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Integrate with any CI platform

Seamlessly integrate email and SMS testing into any build pipeline, including support for GitHub Actions, Jenkins, TeamCity and more.

Automate with your favorite framework

Write tests with the tools and frameworks you're already familiar with. With support for all the world's major testing frameworks, including Cypress, Playwright, Robot Framework, and more.

Create tests in any language

Mailosaur's straightforward client libraries provide support for all major languages, including Node.js, Java, Python, .NET, Ruby, PHP and Go.

Centralize tests that rely on communication

Build on the most reliable communication testing platform

With millions of messages tested every single day, you’re in safe hands with the world’s most powerful email and SMS testing platform.

Email & SMS testing in one place

As more products are secured with multi-factor authentication techniques, it has become harder to test them all in one solution. With Mailosaur, you only need one platform for full end-to-end coverage to streamline your testing process.

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Everything you need to test customer communication

Email Testing

Create end-to-end tests that rely on email. Test account verification emails, password resets, email tracking, and more

Email Previews

Instantly see how your email will look to any recipient, no matter what email client they use, so there are no nasty surprises.

SMS Testing

Build text messages that work. Create end-to-end tests that cover identity verification, alerting, promotional messages and more

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