Build text messages that work just as planned

Create end-to-end tests that cover identity verification, alerting, promotional messages and more

Find problems before your customers do

  • Verify that SMS messages are delivered on time.
  • Test identity and account verification codes sent via SMS.
  • Ensure your promotional text messages are seen.
  • Prove that your order update notifications are working.
  • Verify that SMS reminders are sent out at the right time.
Finding SMS bugs

  • Use dedicated mobile numbers, not your own phone

    Access mobile numbers that are dedicated to your business, so you never need to use your own mobile number.

  • Automate SMS testing, with any framework 

    Mailosaur lets you automate the testing of SMS messages, just like email, no matter if you use Cypress, WebDriver, Robot Framework, or anything else.

  • Share access with your team

    Mailosaur lets you see received SMS messages in one place, allowing you to securely manage access to all your messages.

  • Send customers the right message

    Ensure that your customers are receiving the right message, before they’re sent out.

Mobile phone

Continuously improve the quality of your product

Find and fix errors, and optimize every SMS your product sends

  • Test verification and one-time password (OTP) codes sent via SMS, to be sure product security isn’t compromised.
  • Ensure that SMS notifications and reminders are sent at the right time, with the right information.
  • Find and fix broken links in your SMS messages.
  • Use real SMS numbers, to simulate real users.
People improving a product