UpBup uses Mailosaur to rapidly simulate scenarios for online childcare enrolment.

Using Mailosaur, UpBup tailors communications to each family’s unique structure, ensuring a safer and more convenient childcare experience.

The challenge

As a startup with limited resources, the UpBup team needed to maximise the breadth of their testing capability, delivering emails that cater to every kind of family setup (single parent, parents with children from different marriages and relationships, parents with twins, etc).

The team was looking for a high-quality solution to help them serve all kinds of families and childcare providers, producing communications that are highly personal and tailored to each familial structure.

Mailosaur quickly became an essential component of not only our quality assurance process but also a key tool in our sales demonstrations


Since implementing Mailosaur, the team has been able to rapidly set up demo scenarios that demonstrate the full power of UpBup, showcasing their unique way of supporting modern-day families.

UpBup uses Mailosaur to:

  • Save time testing parent accounts
  • Build out a high-quality, customised solution
  • Deliver communications that drive loyalty and trust

Having access to a single Mailosaur mailbox with all our parent test accounts saves a tremendous amount of time and enables us to build a quality solution that serves all families and childcare providers.

About UpBup

UpBup is an innovative cloud-based platform that enables childcare providers to carry out enrolment electronically, using signed childcare forms.

With UpBup, childcare providers can carry out the form request, monitoring, and management process securely and remotely, to help ensure child safety while supporting parents and childcare providers.