Mailosaur helps P97 drive industry-leading customer engagement

Product managers at P97 use Mailosaur to automate their email testing and drive exceptional user engagement.

The challenge

The team was looking for a reliable solution with ongoing support to help guide their email testing efforts.

With a large focus on business innovation and user experience, P97’s product management team needed to:

  • Reliably create and test new emails, body, and subject lines
  • Efficiently automate test cases that require the verification of expected values in emails.
  • Automate API testing for new Azure B2C users

Mailosaur provides APIs that efficiently create new email addresses. The reliability is outstanding!


Using Mailosaur, P97 were able to build out their automation testing framework to support their ‘innovation-first’ approach and drive exceptional user experience, all for one small monthly fee.

The support Mailosaur offered was better than free solutions. The price you pay will give more value than trying to maintenance automation tests that use "free" email services.

About P97

P97 is an award-winning mobile commerce and digital marketing platform that helps users accept mobile payments and deliver targeted digital offers.

The P97 approach prioritises convenience, consumer engagement, and data-rich insights, helping retail and fuelling companies target the right customers at the right time.