How Cold Banana uses Mailosaur to eliminate manual errors during the testing process

With Mailosaur, Cold Banana automates test flows to reduce manual work and human error.

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Mailosaur has perfected its service - it was exactly what we needed. And with unbeatable pricing it was a no brainer for us

— Harry Wigman, QA Tester, Cold Banana

About Cold Banana

Cold Banana is a .NET specialist web development agency that produces secure and robust platforms on a .NET framework, supported by CMS partners Umbraco, Kentico, Sitecore, Xamarin, and Ucommerce.

Cold Banana helps global clients maintain and build out new e-commerce platforms, booking platforms, brochure sites, and mobile apps.

The challenge

With the majority of Cold Banana’s user flows based around accounts, the QA team needed a way to test without signing up with unique emails.

Manual signups can be time-consuming and error-prone; the team was keen to find a solution that could automate their workload and drive more advanced testing capabilities.

We needed a dedicated service to create emails on-demand, fast.

— Harry Wigman, QA Tester, Cold Banana


Since working with Mailosaur, Cold Banana’s QA team can now automate test flows, run advanced tests on each deployment, and automatically generate new emails on demand.

How this impacted the team:

  • Automated test flows help QAs save valuable time each week
  • QAs can now run advanced tests on each deployment
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Improved team efficiency and productivity

Mailosauris a critical part of our test infrastructure, and there's no doubt others will find the service's capabilities useful too.

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