Managing Users and Permissions

Control how your team members are able to access your Mailosaur account.

You can invite other members of your team to access your Mailosaur account. To limit the actions they can perform, user permissions can be configured as required.

Team members and permissions are managed via the Users screens within the Mailosaur UI. You can invite team members via email.

Managing Permissions
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There are two main user roles that you can choose from when adding a team member to your account, each with increasing restrictions on the actions they can take:

Administrator The user has the same level of access as the account owner and can create new servers, view API keys, invite new users, etc. Administrators cannot alter billing information or subscription settings, which the the account owner can.
User This user cannot manage team members, create/edit/delete servers nor manage billing information on your Mailosaur account.

Account Owners
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The Account Owner is, by default, the user who originally created the Mailosaur account. They have full access to all features within the Mailosaur UI, and can also manage billing and subscription settings.

If you are the current Account Owner, you can transfer this ownership to someone else simply by navigating to a user, and clicking the Transfer Ownership button.