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Managing Users and Teams

Control how your team members are able to access your Mailosaur account.

You can invite your colleagues to access your Mailosaur account so that you can collaborate together. Each user can have have different permission levels.

You can also create Teams, which allow you to easily configure the permissions for groups of users.

Inviting, editing and removing users
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You must be an Account Administrator in order to manage users.

If you know a person's email address, you can invite them to your account by clicking Invite User on the Users screen within admin settings.

You can edit a users' details by clicking on their name in the list of users. To delete a user, just click the trash can icon on that same row.

Managing teams
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If you want to apply the same permissions and access to a group of users, you can do so by creating teams.

You can create teams in the Teams area within admin settings, by clicking the Create Team button.

Once a team is created, you can add or remove users as members of that team.

Administrator permissions
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When configuring users or teams on your account, you can optionally assign one or both of the following administration privileges:

  • Account Administrator: This role is for people who need access to manage account-wide API keys, settings, etc. This role can see and manage almost everything on the account.
  • Billing Administrator: This role is for people who need to manage your account subscription, plan level and billing settings.