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Replying to SMS messages

Use the reply function to simulate a user replying to one of your SMS messages.

Available with any of the following plans, except where noted:

Business, Professional and Enterprise

If your product is capable of handling SMS replies from your customers (e.g. to opt out of further messages), you can use Mailosaur’s reply feature to simulate such a scenario.

When you reply, the SMS message is obviously sent back to the phone number it was originally sent to Mailosaur from. Before you can reply to SMS for the first time, you should speak with our support team first, so that we can verify your account, and use case, in order to prevent fraud.

Approved phrases
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In order to prevent fraud, Mailosaur restricts SMS replies to words and phrases that have been pre-approved by our SMS team. Our approved phrases are case-insenstive and already cover a wide array of use cases, however if you find that your reply is rejected, just contact our support team to request an addition.

In general, most single word replies (Stop, Yes, No, etc.) will work.

Replying to an SMS message
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You can reply to SMS messages within the Mailosaur Dashboard, or via the API:

  1. Open one of your messages within the Mailosaur Dashboard.
  2. Click the Reply button, at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter a text body for the reply.
  4. When you are finished, click Send.