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Testing with POP3

Connect to your Mailosaur email testing server with POP3, so that you can pull emails down into other email clients and services.

Available with any of the following plans, except where noted:

Business, Professional and Enterprise

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When testing email with Mailosaur, you can generate Email Previews to see what your creation looks like in various, real email clients, on different devices. However, if you need to interact with email in real-time, within an email client or other service, you can connect using POP3.

What is POP3?
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POP3 is one of the most common ways for a computer program (e.g. an email client) to connect to an email server and retrieve email.

A recipient or their email client can download mail periodically from the server using POP3. As POP3 is a one-way system, when you an email is received, it remains held on the email server by default.

How do I connect to my Mailosaur server with POP3?
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Every Mailosaur server has a unique set of POP3 credentials, which you can find within the Mailosaur Dashboard:

  1. Log into the Mailosaur Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the server you want to connect to.
  3. Click the Settings button
  4. Select Fetch via POP3.
  5. Copy the credentials from this screen.

You can then use these credentials with any email client or service that supports POP3.