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Managing External Email Addresses

Verify ownership of email addresses outside of Mailosaur. Allowing you to send, reply and forward emails.

Available with any of the following plans, except where noted:

All plans

You can send, reply and forward emails with Mailosaur, for the purpose of testing functionality in your product or website. However, as Mailosaur is not an email service provider (ESP), you must first verify that you have the consent of the email address owner.

To begin the process of verifying ownership of an external email address, you must be an Administrator on the account. This access can be granted by another Administrator on your account if you do not already have this.

Verifying ownership of an external email address
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  1. Log into the Mailosaur Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Account Settings area.
  3. Select Email Addresses.
  4. Click the Add Email Address button.
  5. Enter the email address that you want to verify, and submit the form.
  6. An email will then be sent to this address, with instructions on how to complete the process.

Once an email address has been verified, you’ll see a green checkmark next to it, meaning it is ready for use.

Verifying an entire domain
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If you need to send to a wide range of emails on a domain you own (for example, if you’re testing a helpdesk/ticketing product), then you can also verify an entire domain.

For more infromation, see verifying domain ownership.