Sending email to Mailosaur

Learn how to send emails to Mailosaur for testing and demonstration purposes.

Mailosaur captures any email it receives, whether sent to a virtual server email address or directly by changing the SMTP configuration of your website or product.

Server IDs

Every virtual server has a Server ID. You can find this:

  • On the Servers page.
  • At the top-right of screen, when viewing the contents of a server (pictured below):

Server screen header

Use a Server ID to make up an email address

Using a Server ID, you can create an unlimited number of email addresses, because any email sent to an address ending @{SERVER_ID} will work for the server in question.

When viewing the contents of a server, generate a random email address by clicking the Generate Email Address button pictured below:

Generate email address button

If you are writing automated tests, you can generate a random email address for each test in code:

// Returns random address, e.g.
See more: Cypress Python Java .NET Ruby

SMTP configuration

You may want to have Mailosaur capture every email your website or product sends, regardless of the email address used. This is particularly useful for staging environments, to prevent accidentally emailing real customers, and for demonstrating your product to others.

The configuration information you need as available on the Documentation tab when viewing a server:

Image of SMTP configuration