Sending Email for Testing

Using Email Addresses

The simplest way of capturing email is to use a email address.

Every Virtual SMTP server captures messages sent to email addresses ending with This means that you have an unlimited number of test email addresses to work with.

You can use these email addresses to reference something important, such as:

  • Build numbers:
  • Testers:
  • Dates:

Alternatively, you could just have fun:

Once you’ve sent an email, you should see it appear in your server’s inbox within a few seconds. Everything you see on-screen can be tested manually via our UI or automated via our API.

Using SMTP Configuration to Capture Every Email

You can also capture every email your application sends, regardless of the email address used. This is particularly useful for staging environments, to prevent accidental mailing out to your real customers.

To do this, simply change your email configuration to point to your Virtual SMTP server.

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 25 or 2525
  • Username: SERVER_ID

Use “plain text” SMTP authentication, you can find the credentials by going to the Settings section of your mailbox.