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Build features and functionality,
not testing infrastructure

Mailosaur lets engineering teams get on with development, rather than maintaining custom testing tools

SMS Test

Developer Sandboxes

Give everyone on your team their own email server for development. Allow developers to send, capture and analyse emails during development, with their own personal email and SMS sandbox.

“A lot of user flows on our sites are based around accounts, making it impossible to test without signing up with unique emails.” - QA Tester, Cold Banana

Test SMS and email in one place

Use the same code to capture and test SMS messages, with a single platform that handles all communication testing consistently.

Environment Segregatation

Shield your development and staging environments, by configuring them to send everything to Mailosaur rather than messaging a customer by mistake.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Use a unique email address for every test, build, project or product. All Mailosaur servers come with a wildcard domain, letting you use any email address, without creating them first.


SMS Test

How it works

Boost end-to-end test coverage in minutes, by integrating with Mailosaur

Send an email or SMS message

Trigger a process in your product that sends out email or SMS (e.g. requesting a password reset)

Fetch the email from Mailosaur

Use one of our client libraries to detect and pull the email down into your test code.

Complete the process

Whether its checking the content of the message, following a link or using a verification code. Complete the end-to-end process you're testing

Embrace CI/CD with end-to-end automation

Integrate with any CI platform

Seamlessly integrate email and SMS testing into any build pipeline, including support for GitHub Actions (links), Jenkins, TeamCity and more.

Automate with your favorite framework

Write tests with the tools and frameworks you’re already familiar with. With support for all the world’s major testing frameworks, including Cypress, PlayWright, Robot Framework, and more.

Create tests in any language

Mailosaur’s straightforward client libraries provide support for all major languages, including Node.js (links), Java, Python, .NET, Ruby, PHP and Go.

Mailosaur has enabled me to create efficient end-to-end tests that actually resemble the behaviour of real users

QA Lead & Test Automation Engineer


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Automate email and SMS testing with Mailosaur, whether you're working with Cypress, Selenium,, Robot Framework or anything else...

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