SMS Testing

Mailosaur helps developers and QA professionals test SMS messages, as part of manual and automated QA, by capturing messages and converting them into testable data.

Early access This feature is currently available for early access. Customers interested in SMS testing can contact support to enable this feature.

Using the Mailosaur API you can write SMS tests using popular frameworks like Cypress, Robot Framework and Selenium, as well as in popular languages, using our SDKs for SMS testing.

How do I write SMS tests?

The approach for testing SMS messages is largely the same as emails, therefore you can follow the guides within our email testing documentation.

However, note that the Message objects have two key differences when dealing with SMS messages:

  • The message’s address attributes (i.e. from, to, cc, bcc) will contain a populated phone property, instead of a email property.
  • The SMS content is available via the text property, the html property will always be null for text messages.