Sending email

Mailosaur converts inbound email into testable data.

There are two ways to get email into Mailosaur:

  • Test email addresses
  • SMTP

We cover both methods below, however if you’d like any further information, contact us.

Test email addresses

Every mailbox supports an unlimited number of test email addresses, by processing any email sent to an address ending:

For example:


The value for YOUR_MAILBOX can be found by looking at your mailbox in the UI. You’ll see “Mailbox ID” in the top-left:

Mailbox ID shown in the Product


Mailosaur supports testing via SMTP, allowing you to send to any email address you like without fear of the receipient actually recieving this mail.

Other benefits include:

  • You can easily switch a live environment into a “test mode” simply by changing SMTP details.
  • You can be confident that Development and Test systems won’t leak email to real people.
  • Tests will generally run faster, as there are no intermediary servers in the way.

Our servers listen at hostname, ports 25 and 2525.

Use “plain text” SMTP authentication, you can find the credentials by going to the Integration section of your mailbox.