Virtual SMTP Servers

What is a Virtual SMTP Server?

Virtual SMTP servers are the simplest way of having your own SMTP server for email capture & testing purposes.

Provisioning a server is as simple as giving your new server a name. Its then immediately available for use.

What is a Server ID?

Throughout our documentation you’ll see references to SERVER_ID. This is the unique identifer for your server, which can be found in the Settings screen within Mailosaur.

If you can’t find it and would like help, just get in touch with us.

Can I restrict access to a server?

Yes, you decide who has access to view the contents of your server. Users may be granted permission to view email, however your administrators have access to all servers in your account.

Can I use email other people using a Virtual SMTP Server?

No, your server is for the purpose of capture & testing only. If you require a service for sending outbound email, we recommend using something like Amazon SES.